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I have been a shopper at Chico’s since being introduced by my glamorous sister in law, who lives in Miami. This shop is aimed at women aged 45 +.  I often find that their fabrics wash well (I really do sound like my mum)! I started off buying trousers from their Traveller range, these are almost impossible to crease, hence the name, but they look good, no fly zips which gives a nice smooth tummy. We were recently in Florida, so I was able to visit a store instead of just online. Pictured are the Traveller’s trousers with the matching tank in black, I bought the tan colour in store, great colour for winter.

I have to say this is not high fashion, but then more sustainable because they don’t date easily .

Its an American company but I’ve found ordering online with them very easy. Below I’ve copied some relevant information from their site. 

These are the details on how to place an order, direct from their website:

“It’s easy! Our website recognizes when you are shopping from an international location. You may also click on the flag at the bottom right hand corner of the homepage to select your shipping destination and preferred currency. All prices will automatically be converted into your chosen currency.

Shop our website as you would normally by adding items to your bag and then clicking on the checkout button. We will calculate and display in your chosen currency a total transaction amount that includes your merchandise purchases, all shipping costs to your selected international destination, and any applicable duties and taxes.”

How are my shipping and sales tax costs calculated?

“Our international ecommerce partner, Borderfree, calculates and guarantees your international shipping costs automatically during our checkout process. Your international shipping costs are based on your selected level of service (e.g., standard or expedited shipping), your number of items, weight of your items, your selected destination country, and applicable duties and taxes.”

Here’s a few things I like on their site at the moment. This is just a very small selection, I went with animal print again didn’t I?

The red wrap shown is £84.19.  The animal print coat £169.23. The Travellers trousers from above are 62.50 and the tan wrap is £42.51. Slightly strange prices as they’re converted from dollars.

Have a look at their website and if you subscribe you will hear about their special offers, which they often have. They are reasonably priced and it’s nice to have something a bit different.

Let me know what you think!

Avril x


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