Can someone shop better than me?! 

Although I suppose this is technically my 2nd blog post, (The Q&A was my first) this feels like my inagural one. I feel like I have far too much to say for myself (I can hear my mum’s voice) and I had trouble deciding which one to start with, but here goes:

Have you ever thought about a personal styling session in a department store? And thought, like me, it will just make me spend a lot of money on clothes I might not like etc?

 My advice – do it!! I don’t know whether I just got extremely lucky with my stylist or most of them are good, but I had the best experience in John Lewis in Reading with Caroline Shaw.

I actually was asked by a member of the team when I was trying something on if I would like a styling session, so I thought, why not? JL’s is known for their service and knowledge, so I was relaxed.

My last words to my husband – I probably won’t buy anything, were strangely inaccurate.

I was met by Caroline, offered tea and shown to a large dressing room with mirrors everywhere. They must have had good lighting because I wasn’t too traumatised by the reflection! I felt comfortable with Caroline from the start. Her knowledge is huge and as a buyer with every high street name you can think of I knew I was in good hands. We both agreed that there is a gap in the market for well cut clothes for the over 60’s. Her knowledge of the brands, their aims and styles made it easy for me to filter what I might like and she knew instinctively what would suit me.

I can honestly say, EVERYTHING I bought that day, I have worn constantly, cost by wear makes me feel comfortable with the money I spent.

I will do this again, hopefully I will get Caroline again but I’m now confident that stylists know their stuff (especially the John Lewis ones).

Call your local John Lewis store to Book a free styling session , I went to JL in Reading 0118 957 5955 .

Avril x



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