Hello Loverrr

(Carrie Bradshaw’s reaction to a beautiful pair of shoes in an episode on Sex and the City)

Although I am not THAT mad about shoes, I’m probably close. I claim it’s not my fault, I’m the daughter
of a shoemaker and had my first bespoke pair at 8 years old!

My Dad sadly passed away when I was 19 but when he was alive, he was a cobbler and had a shop in Southall Middlesex. He did shoe repairs and adjusted footwear for people with deformed feet. He was one of the most skilled people in the UK for what he did. Here he is below (left) with Harry who worked for him. I think this was taken in the mid-1940s!

His top tips for healthy feet?

Go bare foot wherever possible
Pick things up with your feet!
Court shoes are a no no (sorry Dad, didn’t adhere to this one!)

I wanted to let you have a peek into my shoe cupboard today but first, can I briefly talk about my feet? I feel the need to explain my shoe choices, as they are not all from the heart! I have hyper-mobility in my feet, which means I need shoes that grip my ankle. I also have bespoke orthotics that I wear inside trainers to keep my feet and legs balanced and stop me from stumbling. If you experience painful feet or legs, I really would recommend seeing a podiatrist. There’s often a lot they can do to help, it’s not just something you should put up with.

So without further ado… here are my current summer favourites!

These white sandals are so comfortable, and I have lived in them! As usual I ask myself, why didn’t you buy two pairs?!!! They are from Moda in Pelle in Henley on Thames. I am popping into town in a while, might just have to pop in as there’s a sale on…

The Tan suede ones are from Next and have lots of wear. They are smart enough for business and the kitten heel and padded insole make them very comfortable. This time I did try to buy two pairs but too late, they had sold out!!

The orange wedges are old from Dune, are nice and light and add a lovely pop of colour to an outfit. 


I got the black suede sandals on holiday recently in St Tropez. I’ll be wearing these with my favourite leopard print!

The embellished wedges are from the same store in St Tropez but are quite old, they are the sort of sandals that work in South of France!

The red ankle sandals are old from Zara, but this sort of style is always around. I love a red shoe – they add a touch of naughtiness to even the most sensible of ensembles!

I had a complete rush of blood to the head when I saw these yellow shoes… the next time a 70’s or cowgirl outfit is required, I’m ready! Bought in Nice, which proves once again there is one style for South of France and another for normal life!

Saving the best for last, these Valentino shoes are very special and they somehow make any outfit look edgy. There is a story of why I purchased these… I was on holiday in South Beach Miami in a lovely hotel. The waitress was whizzing around and she was wearing these shoes! She told me they were super comfortable which they must have been for her to wear them waitressing. Sold!

Avril x (aka Imelda Marcos)


  1. Your SIster

    Brilliant blog Avsy! You weRe born to do this! Xxx

    • Gail

      Glad to discover your blog via @Fiftyandfab! I have orthotics too from a podiatrist. Sorry if this is all in caps – Happens occasionally when I comment via Instagram!

  2. Jane sheppard

    Great blog avril, love all the shoEs and the picture of dad’s shop xx

  3. Abigail

    Those black shoes are stunning!

  4. Jill garrett

    Love the bit about your dad i didnt know he was a cobbler by trade, great photo. Have always said you were my GLAMOROUS FRIEND and with these blogs you are proving me right 💖💖💖💖

  5. Jules

    you do rock a good shoe….and then you skilfully match this with amazing outfits…its a talent!


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