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Q  Why did you decide to do a blog?

It was my daughters’ confidence in me that spurred me on to do this. They even gave me a blog design package for my 60th birthday. 


Q  What can you offer?

Well, I have a lot of experience at getting dressed!  Seriously, these are exciting times for women of all ages, a lot of barriers about what was and wasn’t suitable for mature women are being broken down if not gone completely.

There are some excellent bloggers in their 40’s, 50’s and I want to fly the flag for the 60 plus.

Q  Who are your influencers?

So many people! I have some amazingly stylish friends who I hope you’ll meet over the next few months.  Other bloggers, these gals work hard and come up with some wonderful looks and ideas. My daughters, and, my very stylish husband.

Q  Tell us about your history?

I have been in business most of my life, working with my husband. My role has generally been working with the teams in training, recruiting, HR.

Ten years ago, I went back to college to train as an interior designer. I have always worked on projects and it was very helpful to study the subject thoroughly. I do work with private clients occasionally but the bulk of my work is renovating houses/flats for our property company.

Q  What have you found most useful from your background?

I trained as Colour Consultant in the 90’s. This has been invaluable in understanding colour, not only for wearing complimentary colours for skin/hair tone but also with designing colour schemes for interiors.

Q  What are your hobbies and interests?

I’m always a bit embarrassed when I’m asked this question! I don’t think I have any hobbies, I have passions if that helps?  I love architecture, London is still my favourite city followed closely by New York, unique, beautiful, buildings everywhere in both cities. I love interiors, I can read endless magazines and books on the subject. 

Can clothes shopping be a hobby?!  It keeps me fit after all! I love all types of clothes and stores, I can be as happy with a bargain from Matalan as I am with a pair of Jimmy Choos.  I like keeping fit, I’ll get into this more later in the blog. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty and walking our dog is wonderful.

But, like most Mums and Grandmothers, my family are everything, I have been blessed with mine, known as Goose (Mother Goose), it’s my most favourite title.

Avril x


  1. Lorraine

    Hi avril. this looks great & will hopefully be lots of fun for everyone. do you plan to have your own type of “check-a-trade” for recommending colour and beauty professionals?

  2. avril-est1958

    Hi Lorraine,

    I will be recommending colour and beauty PROFESSIONAls, I think sharing information is the essence of my blog.

    What do you do?

    Love Avril x


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