South of France edition!

I have to say that I find dressing for hot weather difficult. It depends on your destination really. The USA I find is generally very casual but the Cote D’Azur is definitely not! My problem is, I don’t like baggy clothes and I look awful too casually dressed. This I may have to put down to age…there’s ‘lady with a gorgeous bag’ and just ‘bag lady!’

So I thought I’d show you a couple of the things I have in my suitcase on this trip. We’re staying in La Garde-Freinet, inland for a change. It’s so beautiful and I have to say more relaxing than staying on the coast. You’re almost forced to slow down and it’s been lovely to unwind. When my husband comes here, he sleeps a lot which is very unusual for him. We call it his ‘Mediterranean Man’ mode. 


One item that comes with me EVERYWHERE is my panama-style hat. It’s made of paper, so it’s light as a feather. Mine is from Monsoon and they are around £25. Protecting your hair is as important as protecting your skin.

I always wear shorts. I have shorter ones for the beach and longer ones for daytime. I quite like my 60 year old legs; a touch of Body Blur and I’m good to go!

This dress is from Baukjen and it’s perfect for warm holidays. I bought it through Vanity and Me blog and got 20% off! It really can be worn dressed up or with flip flops for a casual look.

The necklace from Nour. I call it my mayoral chain; it can turn the plainest of outfits into something glamorous!  Perfect St Tropez accessorising.

I intend on doing a liiiiitle bit of shopping while I’m out here so will keep you updated on anything I purchase! I always think it’s actually best to buy your holiday clothes from the destination itself, as the styles and fabrics tend to be perfect for the climate. 

Have a great weekend, au revoir!

Avril x


  1. Laurie

    I’m so envious of the gorgeous location! And the dress looks amazing on Avril. Thanks so much for the mention xx

    • avril-est1958

      Ah No problem! I love your outfits and always watch out for what you wear xx


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