Revisiting Colour Analysis

Have you ever wondered why we can have an aversion to certain colours? I’ve never been keen on bottle green, could this be because it was my school uniform colour? Teal made me shudder, wouldn’t wear it or use it in my home décor palate. But today as I type this, I’m wearing said teal green! This is a result of rediscovering colour analysis.

In the far past, I worked as a Colour Analyst, working with clients showing them the most flattering colours to wear and make up and hair colour shades to use. I was taught the ‘season system’. The seasons are an easy way to describe colour palettes and why the correct colours compliment your own colouring, rather than clashing or overpowering you.

Springs are warm toned, light and bright.

Summers are cool, light and soft.

Winters are cool, deep and bright.

Autumns are warm, deep and bright.

I met Caroline Shaw during a John Lewis styling session. She has over 20 years experience as a buyer and colourist in the fashion industry and is also trained as a Colour Psychologist. She has particular interest in the amazing impact colour has on us and always uses this as a starting point for her styling process.

During our session we talked about a ‘wrong colours diagnosis’ and its implications. I knew about this as I had been told I was a ‘Spring,’ yet I never really liked the spring colour palate. Caroline suggested we do a Colour Review at my home (nb this took place several months ago now, before lockdown). So here are some pictures from a great day together. We were lucky to be photographed by the brilliant Jamie from Focused Fox Photography.

We began with gold and silver drapes which clearly indicated that my skin tone is warm, as per my original diagnosis. The photos above show Caroline and I in colours ill-suited to our skin tones. Classic summer pastels, as you can see, do not work for me. You can see I’m almost grimacing! Also, this is the wrong red for Caroline, hence her expression!

Caroline went on to show me, quite clearly, that I suit colours from the autumn palette, which are stronger and not quite as bright as the spring palette. As she draped bottle green and teal, colours I had avoided in the past, it was very clear these were extremely flattering on me. Below you can see me in a warm orange, now I’m smiling! And my aforementioned nemesis teal, which I now love. You can also see Caroline looking much more herself in this soft, blue leopard print.

So my instincts were right, I had been ‘mis-diagnosed’ as a spring, when in fact I am a bright autumn. I decided to show Caroline my wardrobe and her comment was, ‘no need to worry, this is full of Autumn colours!’ Caroline explains that even if a client has had a colour analysis session they could be stuck in a rut, coded incorrectly and never like the colours (that was me)! I know the value of wearing the right colours, not only is it flattering but makes wardrobe coordination easier, the colours work together as well as with your skin tone.

It has really re-awakened my interest in colour analysis and the benefits. I will be doing more on this, there is too much to talk about for one post!

I am excited about my colours again and I hope you will be too. Caroline is offering a complimentary telephone or Skype consultation to have a personal review of your colours, Do call her 07732 904831 to book in, you won’t regret it. I would love to feature you on the next blog to talk about your experience.

Avril x


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