Winter home inspiration 

As well as all the excitement about winter clothes shopping, I love doing the same for my home. I think we’re familiar with the Danish word Hygge, and how they make their homes comfortable for winter. We Brits have been doing the same for years, we just didn’t have a cool name for it! We just made things cozy. 

My steps to ‘Cozy’

Firstly scents. I’m almost obsessed with candles, diffusers and even pot pourri. I always prefer a spicy/cinnamon scent, so my recommendations err on that side. We understand more about the dangers of poor quality candles and paraffin wax candles can give off harmful VOC’s. Candles made from soy and beeswax are better alternatives. Keep your wick short, it gives a more even burn, and I keep a window open too. My favourites: 

Cidre Trudon: horribly expensive, but boy do they scent a room and they last for ages, I treat myself to these occasionally.

Noble Isle: All of their products are vegan friendly, free from parabens and made within the British Isles. Rhubarb  sounds an odd fragrance but it’s so evocative, my other favourite of theirs is Whiskey and Water. Beautiful products.

Spry: Handcrafted in the UK, from natural wax. Their Cinnamon Chai is perfect for Autumn and Christmas. They have smaller candles to which is useful to try out different scents.



Throws and Cushions 

These can change a room’s look and feel instantly. It doesn’t need to cost the earth either. I love Matalan home section for cushions. The throw with the furry bobbles is from Dunelm Mill, it’s so soft and feels luxurious. I have two, one in white which I think is discontinued but the grey is beautiful too. I love fur throws, fake obviously, they are perfect for for displaying and putting around you when it’s getting colder. I do have a reindeer skin which is thrown over a footstool, putting your bare feet on it feels glorious.


I get childlike excitement at open fires, I love my wood burner and it really was vital when our heating broke down just before Christmas last year. The part needed to repair the boiler wouldn’t be available until after the Christmas break, so without our wood burner we would have been very chilly! I know there is now criticism towards log burners, but when ours was fitted, they were considered carbon neutral. We use wood that has been cut down from our own trees over the years, so it’s well seasoned too. Chopping logs is also a part of the lovely preparation for winter. A full log basket looks lovely. The perfect accompaniment to a fire? Mulled wine of course! So, although winter can be a challenge, it has so much to offer. 

Happy ‘Cozy!’ What changes do you make for Winter?


Avril x


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